The Evolution Series Altimeter is the finest sport parachuting mechanical altimeter on the market. As our first product to be made available, it has been released to critical acclaim from all our customers. It is manufactured using the latest in manufacturing technology and it has been designed specifically for the sport market.

Stringent quality controls have been combined with strict calibration requirements to produce a sport altimeter that is significantly more accurate than the industry standard and its effective range is 2000 feet higher. It is 27 percent lighter than the industry standard because it is smaller and more ergonomically designed but it maintains the familiar 2 inch dial face.

The Evolution Series has pioneered the field of face plate customization, allowing our customers to personalize their instrument. The Evolution Series has also been expanded by the addition of the Inversion, which has a counter weighted movement specifically designed for free flyers, and the H2O, for pond swooping, which has, in Free Fall Accessories fashion, far exceeded the industry standard for water resistance by actually being water-proof to a depth of 40 ft for 2 hrs. All Evolution Series altimeters are covered by a lifetime transferable warranty.

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