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Free Fall Accessories’ strength lies in our ability to listen to our customers needs, extrapolating that need and anticipating future needs. We are always looking to the future and creating new and innovative ways to provide solutions to our customers needs.

Our success is dependent on consistently producing a product of the highest quality and applying the latest in technological advancements in novel ways to solve problems. Free Fall Accessories will be competitive due to our superior quality, modern manufacturing processes, and creative problem solving and we anticipate becoming the industry leader in parachute/air drop related devices by becoming the industry problem solvers.

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  3. Just finishing up a wall hanging, Catch a Falling Snow Flake. I used some stash glittered snow flake fabric for the baurckognd and applied Swarovski crystals to the centers.

  4. I think that approach is very much in keeping with the spirit of the thing. In days past I have no doubt that people used what was around…thus the almost innumerable versions of panforte you find in Tuscany. Other than fruits, nuts, honey and spices I think the proportions were pretty much up to the maker!- Joe

  5. Les photos sont vraiment en plongée, hein, Chasse-Clou ? (quant à la moto à une seule place, on reconnaît bien là l’égo surdimensionné du designer…). En tout cas, Vivian Leigh (seulement géniale), Marlon Brando (presque bestial) et Kim Hunter (attendrissante ?), sous la direction d’Elia Kazan, est-ce que ça vous avait une autre figure (1951 aussi) ? (j’aime beaucoup ces acteurs en forme de quilles, en même temps…)

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  8. Hi Bee, thanks for giving someone else a chance, I'll put in another name… I wouldn't say skin chemistry — though perfumes do develop differently on different skins, if they went that much all over the map they'd be badly made. I tend to think it's the way we put together certain notes and associate them with something in our olfactive database. Often, once we've zeroed in on an effect, that's the way we'll go into the fragrance. Lychee is pretty much related to rose, actually, and there are fruity-juicy notes, so if you smell it, it's there!

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  11. Cute idea!! I love to see things that interest other people!!! Your ruffle bags are simple adorable…are you sure you don't carry Dora though? 🙂

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  14. Well done you, sounds like you are sorting things out really well. I promise you that living on basics and not going out will make you into better people who appreciate life and ‘things’ more. When you can AFFORD a takeaway on a whim or a overnight trip away, you will appreciate it so much more. Good luck, keep at it and you’ll be there before you know it.

  15. Hi there Michelle,Have to say thank you again for a great workshop here in San Jose, I have been in brayer heaven since I finally learned how to use the brayer properly.I would like you to know that I have awarded you the “I love your blog” award. The “award” can be found on my blog: Afterhoursstamper.blogspot.comThanks again for your wonderful technique, GREAT blog, and fantastic teaching.Jacquie

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  31. Awesome post, as always. I know I always say the same thing but I'm always very surprised at the treasures you find! Also the way you manage to incorporate them into outfits is truly inspiring!I probably sound like a broken record.Anyway, I with I could rock long flowy skirts like that, it seems so comfy and cozy for this time of the year!

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  41. Although buying basics is a great thing for your closet/the environement/etc, I think every closet needs some special pieces to become truly personnal. I love the bag, I would consider buying the Marion by Alexander Wang in white myself, I am just too afraid it will become worn off very soon (beccause of being white of course).

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